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IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation allows businesses like yours instantaneous access to skilled IT professionals, allowing you to quickly and easily fill open jobs, whether permanent or temporary. 

Chemical Software Development in Minnesota - Performix

Time to digitize and grow your Chemical business!

Digitization of Government Service in Minnesota - Performix

Automate workflows in the public sector to provide quick time to value today while making plans for tomorrow.

Restaurant Software Development in Minnesota - Performix

Use our food software to scale your business and increase your earnings.

Software Development Solution for Insurance - Performix

Trust Performix for Insurance App Development for Reliable Insurance Results

Banking & Finance applications

Secure finances with our Banking & Finance software development services.

Education and e-learning

We provide specialized solutions that emphasize personalized learning throughout and make learning more engaging by utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, AR, VR, etc.

Digital Healthcare Revolution

With vast experience in healthcare software development, we know how to handle your business challenges with cutting-edge technology.

Healthcare Software Development

Performix helps healthcare software companies grow and innovate.


We create telemedicine, mHealth, and other technologies to expand your offerings and relieve doctors. We follow your patients' concerns and preserve their medical data to provide personalized treatment. Automate billing, revenue management, appointment scheduling, prescription management, etc.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is the autonomous or semi-autonomous study of data or material using sophisticated techniques and tools, frequently beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to gain deeper understanding, make predictions, or provide suggestions.

Data Science Service in Minnesota- Performix

In the multidisciplinary field of data science, knowledge and insights are extracted from ambiguous, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources and applied to a wide range of application areas.

Business Intelligence

We comprehend your company's objectives and develop BI plans to help you achieve them.