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Food Industry Software Development

Performix provides a wide range of services that foster growth and innovation in the food & beverage industry.

Chemicals Software Development Services

Performix provides a wide range of services that foster growth and innovation in the Chemicals industry.

IOS Swift App Development in Minnesota - Performix

Performix specializes in app development using iOS Swift 

Performix - IOS App Development Company in Edina, Minnesota

Performix makes scalable, cutting-edge iPhone apps. We make iOS apps for companies and startups.

Digital Healthcare Revolution

With vast experience in healthcare software development, we know how to handle your business challenges with cutting-edge technology.

Healthcare Software Development

Performix helps healthcare software companies grow and innovate.


We create telemedicine, mHealth, and other technologies to expand your offerings and relieve doctors. We follow your patients' concerns and preserve their medical data to provide personalized treatment. Automate billing, revenue management, appointment scheduling, prescription management, etc.

Progressive Web Application Development in Minnesota - Performix

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are web-based software applications produced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebAssembly. Any standards-compliant browser, including desktop and mobile, is compatible.

Angular js development in Minnesota - Performix

Angular provides a framework for client-side MVC and MVVM architectures, along with web and progressive web application components.

Performix - Software Development Company in Edina, Software Agency in Richfield

We create scalable, reliable, and innovative business software.

Product Design Sprint

Design Sprint facilitates quick ideation, prototyping and validation of a product idea. Find solutions for business problems through an integrated design thinking approach.‍