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Discover "Techknowlogy," the go-to technology podcast empowering businesses to boost efficiency and stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape. Hosted by Performix, this cutting-edge show delves into transformative technology topics shaping the future of industries across the globe.

TechKNOWlogy Podcast

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Episode 6: Exploring the Future of Sustainability: Digital Carbon Markets

Explore how businesses can drive sustainability. Don't miss this enlightening podcast episode the intersection of digital innovation, carbon markets, and sustainability with Ryan Fleischmann.

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Episode 5 : "Blockchain is well positioned"

Whether you're a blockchain enthusiast or a curious learner, this short podcast episode is your ticket to staying informed about the rapid evolution of blockchain trends. Don't miss out on this quick dose of knowledge and insights!

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Episode 4: Exploring IoT with Chris Goh: A Journey into Trends, Use-Cases, and the Future

Whether you're an IoT aficionado or simply curious about cutting-edge technologies, this episode is your gateway to understanding IoT's past, present, and future. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of IoT, guided by the expertise of Chris and the engaging presence of our host, Ken Umansky.

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Episode 3: AI-Driven SEO Marketing

Discover the winning combo that will take your marketing efforts to the next level! In this episode, our esteemed guest, Alexander De Ridder, Co-founder of INK, will shed light on the dynamic world of AI-powered marketing, demystifying the technology behind it and offering practical tips on harnessing its power to achieve marketing success.

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Episode 2- The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain's Applications and Future

A Never to miss Episode! Unlock the Power of Blockchain! This episode with Brook Oldre as our guest speaker will delve into the world of blockchain and its limitless potential.

  • Blockchain Technology Explained: How It Works
  • Real-World Applications of Blockchain
  • The Future Trends of Blockchain
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Episode 1- Blockchain Unleashed

"Blockchain Unleashed" presents a concise and accessible podcast by Sunil Bafna, the CEO of Perfomix Business Services and a recognized expert in the field of blockchain technology. In this engaging session, Sunil shares his insights and expertise to provide listeners with a clear and practical understanding of blockchain and its immense potential for the future.

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