We Made Technology for Sleep Management!

February 13, 2023
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By Innovating non-invasive technological solutions that effectively enhance sleep quality and reduce stress at a reasonable price, SOLTEC HEALTH  is at the forefront of a new market's establishment.

SOLTEC's concept of "SLEEP RIGHT" takes advantage of technology on various levels, including data collection, storage, analysis, and much more.

Performix Business Service LLC assisted SOLTEC Health with advanced and exemplary technologies for data, application programming interface (API), analytics, and app building, along with integration with the AWS backend. This entire ground-breaking technology was designed with the assistance of our developers, who contributed to the design of the underlying schema.

SOLTEC-SES is a great part of a healthy lifestyle because it helps people relax and makes it easier to control their sleep. It may be of assistance to those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

The SOLTEC Sleep Enhancement System (SES) includes a Z•TRACK, Z•GEN, and SOLTEC•Z App.


The Z•TRACK Analyst is a wrist-worn accessory that communicates with the Z•GEN. Z-TRACK is designed to analyze breathing disruptions by collecting data on heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, and snoring and then using that information to create individualized frequencies for the user to utilize during the night.


This Z•GEN magnetic conditioner when placed at the bed's foot or head sends out non-harmful, low-frequency waves customized to users' sleep needs to help them fall asleep and stay asleep. The Z•TRACK will monitor the sleep cycles and relay that information to the Z•GEN.


The SOLTEC•Z app stores sleep information in a secure, encrypted cloud database that can be accessed anytime.

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