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Design Sprint facilitates quick ideation, prototyping and validation of a product idea. Find solutions for business problems through an integrated design thinking approach.

Your product's pilot study

Design Sprints, pioneered by Google Ventures, minimize risks and provide a user-tested prototype in 5 days.

Design Sprint is a way to learn without building and launching. The Performix Design Sprint team has kicked off multiple end to end projects and witnessed tangible results by following this methodology.

Five-day, five-phase approach

Design Sprints condense months of designing, prototyping, and testing into a few days to confirm assumptions and analyze gaps.

Design Sprint is a five-day approach for addressing business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users and consumers. The final aim is a functioning prototype. This gives the team clarity and ensures project success.

💼Mapping business on Monday

  • Mondays are for better understanding your problem and charting the problem areas.
  • First, we set the project team's basis, prioritize knowledge exchange and common understanding to learn about your business, customers, and value offered. The conversation leads to an excellent sprint roadmap. By Monday's end, we've identified all the risks and assumptions and developed a strategy to eradicate them.

⛹️T‍angible Tuesday

  • The objective of the second day is to transform abstract thoughts into a tangible concept that will function as a component of the prototype. On Tuesdays, we evaluate past concepts, seek inspiration, and gain insights for developing new solutions. By the end of the day, via brainstorming sessions and a series of creative activities, we have sketched on paper specific concepts and identified all possible prospective solutions.

💪Weighing ideas on Wednesday

  • It's time to analyze the prospective solutions after mapping out a lot of ideas in the previous two rounds. Wednesdays are for determining which concepts are successful and which are not. We evaluate each response while keeping the main objective in mind. We arrive at a final conclusion that will be turned into a prototype through organized decision-making procedures. We establish a realistic storyboard by Wednesday's end, which serves as a road map for developing the prototype.

🗺️Prototype Thursday

  • Our main goals are to spread knowledge and create a common understanding. The creation of a physical prototype that can be tested on actual consumers during the fourth phase involves taking the previously developed concepts, sketches, and blueprints. As a result, on Thursdays, we assemble the necessary equipment and construct a façade that almost seems real in order to move on to the last stage.

🪅Final Friday

  • The final element of a design sprint is testing the prototype with real users for feedback. This phase verifies solutions before product development. On Fridays, we see how users engage with the prototype and determine what works.

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