Yellow Jacket App

January 16, 2023

Engineering Mobile Apps is the need of the hour.

Due to their anywhere-and-at-any-time nature, mobile applications promise enhanced flexibility and efficiency in engineering. This whitepaper is about Performix's successful development of an HVAC Mobile app for Yellow Jacket.

A Brief Background

Yellow Jacket is well-known for manufacturing the highest quality and most diverse range of HVAC/R servicing equipment on the market. Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., a manufacturer's representative company, started making hoses in 1946; hence, this is where the brand got its start. Ritchie Engineering, which placed a premium on product quality and customer satisfaction, trademarked the Yellow Jacket Charging Hose in 1950. Since then, the company has added more products, and the Yellow Jacket line has been constantly researched, made, and improved in-house. In the present day, Yellow Jacket goods are distributed all over the globe via a chain of licensed HVAC/R distributors.

The Purpose

This great American company has built a strong reputation, client base, distribution network, and knowledge in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and production. Quality-wise and customer-service-wise, they were heads and shoulders above the rest. But rivals that offered customer-facing software had a distinct competitive advantage. 

Yellow Jacket was pressed for time to begin developing software.

The Collaboration

The Yellow Jackets crew realized they needed to develop a mobile app that the HVAC technicians could access. They knew what capabilities their rivals' mobile apps offered. They wanted assistance in defining their new mobile app experience, designing it, and releasing it.

Performix stepped in, and their team collaborated with the Yellow Jackets to build an award-winning new mobile app.

The Performix team collaborated with the Yellow Jacket team to produce an award-winning new mobile application.

The Solution- The 3D's

Performix planned this project under 3 phases.

  1. Define
  2. Design
  3. Deliver


The project's correct definition was "essential" for Yellow Jacket. Beginning a project without clearly defining its scope may be an unpleasant and expensive ordeal for everyone involved. By posing guiding questions, assisting with market research, and leading exercises with the Yellow Jacket team, Performix was able to assist with defining the software and identifying the most pressing concerns that needed to be addressed in the development of the new mobile app. 

Questions to help define the effort. 


We moved on to the design phase once we had a clear idea of what the mobile app would do. Here, we took the information from the project specification and visualized it through user flows and screen designs.

Performix helped the Yellow Jacket team by running design review sessions and giving them access to design and user experience tools.

Examining potential interconnection points and eliminating any impassable technological hurdles is crucial as part of the design process. Performix and Yellow Jacket Engineers collaborated to establish wireless communication protocols for their new generation of digital instruments for monitoring equipment and the planned mobile app.

All the departments of Performix—User Experience, Design, and Technology—collaborated to ensure the User Experience and Workflow Documents were top-notch. As a result of these efforts, Performix was able to develop the Yellow Jacket App with specific visual design, user experience patterns, and a unified visual language. The outcome was a comprehensive visual depiction of the application to be developed.

Images captured while developing the new Yellow Jacket app. 

Images captured while developing the new Yellow Jacket app. 
Image 1.1
Images captured while developing the new Yellow Jacket app. 
Image 1.2

This tool allows an HVAC specialist to quickly collect details about the tests they completed, the findings they obtained, and what they did to rectify the issue. The technician can then use the generated pdf to communicate with their clients.


With the UI/UX well established, we moved on to the implementation phase.

Performix assisted Yellow Jacket with project administration, design, testing, and development. Our employees oversaw every step of the development process and utilized the documents concerning the user experience, design, and requirements to formulate a delivery strategy. Through an agile methodology, project managers outlined target dates for sprint completion and the delivery of features. When a technical issue developed, project managers acted as a liaison between the Performix teams and the Yellow Jacket engineers and set up ad hoc communication sessions. On a biweekly basis, developers would present their work in progress and ask for feedback from the Yellow Jacket management team.

By using this strategy, Performix effectively communicated and collaborated with the technical team at Yellow Jacket to build the application that the company's leadership had envisioned. Together, we created a mobile app that was recognized as the industry's best new offering by a leading publication.

The Result

Technicians with the Yellow Jacket app were better equipped to swiftly identify problems with their clients' heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and fix them. This further cements Yellow Jacket as a quality brand.

The company was able to go ahead of the curve and create top-notch software with the support of Performix, which helped them win multiple awards.

In the past, Yellow Jacket's only method of connecting with its clientele was through a chain of wholesalers. They may now have direct conversations with their clientele via the app for the first time. Utilization of this new channel of contact has promised an increase in sales and earning valuable customers.

Because of the software, technicians can do their work more timely, making their employers very pleased. The new features of the Yellow Jacket app helped high sales representatives stand out to high-volume business buyers.

The Conclusion

The Performix and Yellow Jacket collaboration for the HVAC Yellow Jacket App has positively impacted its HVAC technicians and clients.

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