Performix at CES 2019

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Sunil Bafna is examining the latest innovations at CES 2019.

Resideo. Home automation.

CamToy. See and talk with your dog. Dispense a treat.

Heatworks. Countertop dishwasher.

L'OREAL and Epicor Biosystems. pH skin sensor.

Pragma electric bike.

BODYFRIEND. LBF-750 Lamborghini Massage Chair.

Battery, circuit, and sensor technologies.

LG V40 ThinQ phone. E-vone, shoe with fall detection.

Portable solar power station.

ARTIRIS Parfum. COMPOZ, home fragrance composer.

Energysquare. Universal wireless charger for laptops.

EyeQue. At-home vision tests.

iDO, smart wearables.

LeddarTech. LiDAR platform.

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